PBS Passport is a new digital benefit offered as part of your existing membership with your local PBS station. It gives you access to more of your favorite programs when you go online to pbs.org, or your local station website. You can watch passport videos on your computer or through the PBS video app on your iOS or Android device, you can even stream passport videos to your TV through popular devices like Apple TV, Roku, amazon fire TV & stick and Chromecast just look for the blue Compass Rose when searching for passport videos.

How to Activate PBS Passport via pbs.org/passport ?

  1. From the moment you receive an activation email from your local station right up through browsing for passport videos on pbs.org.
  2. After donating to your local station you’ll receive an email from them. When you open the email, click the link to activate .
  3. You’ll come to the PBS website, where you’ll have an option to sign in with either your Google account, Facebook account or PBS account. In this demo we’re going to sign in with our PBS account. If you don’t have a PBS account, click Create a PBS account from here https://account.pbs.org/oauth2/register/.
  4. After clicking sign in with PDS account type your email address and password in the boxes provided and click sign in,
  5. Click the check box saying that you accept the terms and conditions, and then click Confirm.
  6. Your activation is now complete and you can begin browsing PBS passport videos by clicking get started.
  7. You’ll know that you’re activated because a blue passport icon will be next to your name when you’re logged in, in the upper left hand side of the screen. Scroll down to see all the passport videos that are designated by a by that same PBS passport icon. If you wish to browse the website by show, go ahead and click the shows link at the top of the page.
  8. All of your favorite PBS shows appear, represented by a thumbnail image, click on the thumbnail image of the show you want to browse, you’re now on the Show page, scroll down the page and click on the see all episodes link to see all episodes associated with this show. All of the passport shows are designated by the blue team blue icon to search the site by keyword, click the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right hand side of the page, and in the text-box provided type some keywords that reflect the content you’re looking for.
  9. Add quotation marks around your keywords to narrow the search results, your circles will surface beneath the text box in the upper a side of the screen click Show filters and use those filters to further refine your search results.
  10. Click the passport videos link under the filter by access section to easily access your passport videos to search the site by video click the video link in the top navigation menu.
  11. When the video page surfaces, you’ll see that each type of video is segmented by genre, such as arts and music culture, drama, and so forth.
  12. To sign out of the site hover over your name and click Sign Out.
  13. You’ll be signed out of the site.
  14. And you can easily sign back in by clicking the sign in link, and sign in with the same information used when you activated your account.