This post depth to activate the PBS app on your Roku device using your Roku remote control.

  1. Use the down arrow to scroll down to search on the left-hand side of the screen, a keypad is going to come up using the right arrow and you’re remote to scroll over to the keypad, and then go ahead and select PBS from the keypad.
  2. When you finish the PBS channel appears on the right, go ahead and scroll over click on it, and then click PBS, and then click Add channel.
  3. This is going to add the chain to your Roku.
  4. Depending on your internet speed, this could take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute percentage letting you know how far gone.
  5. The channels have been added, go ahead and press OK to confirm, and then click go to channel
  6. Channels will be open on your Roku device. And when it opens, you will see an activation code. Remember this code because you will use it so go to your computer, tablet or phone and open a browser such as Chrome or Firefox or Safari in the address bar at the top, in the textbox go ahead and type that code that you just saw on your Roku device, and click Continue.
  7. Sign in with either PBS out Facebook or Google. Once you sign in with one of those accounts, you’ll see that when you go back to your Roku the channel will be open, you’ll be signed in, and you can go ahead and start watching videos.

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